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The basic idea of a Webcam is a digital camera connected to your computer through a USB port.

Definition: defines Webcam as, "a digital camera who images are transmitted, often in real time, over the World Wide Web." (, 2011).

Standard Specifications:

  1. Dedicated Webcams - most common types of webcams and only require a USB connection to the computer; low number of frames per second and low resolution

  2. Integrated Webcams - these webcams accompany the hardware; many laptops manufactured today have webcams built-in to the computer

  3. Camcorders/Security Cams - these cameras use video capture cards on a PC; come with variable lens options, night-time coverage, and filters for daylight

  4. Megapixel Cameras - excellent quality; create large files and thus are rarely used for streaming; used to capture still images over a consistent period of time; popular for refreshing archived images.

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When you want to start shopping for Webcams it is important to keep in mind what you want to use the cam for. The video below shows the different types of webcams and the best to choose for laptops and PCs.

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Function & How it Affects the End User: In order for a Webcam to function properly the computer user will need a camera that is somehow connected to your computer, a piece of software then can take frames and images from the camera periodically, and a way to broadcast those images on to the World Wide Web, for example MSN Messenger. (, 2010). For personal webcam usage a webcam, software and a PC is all you will need for your Webcam to function properly. If you would like to use a Web Server then you will need the ability to move frames from the PC you are using to the Web Server, which typically uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and a consistent connection between your PC and the internet, (a cable modem is preferred over a dedicated phone line). (Layton, 2011). The function of a Webcam is to basically transfer image frames from the camera to the PC and then to the World Wide Web. The only encounter I have had with a webcam is the MSN Messenger Webcam function. When you have signed into MSN and are having a conversation with someone, you push the Webcam button and within seconds the image of you typing on your computer pops up on the screen.

Fun Fact!: The first webcam was developed in 1991 and was pointed at the Trojan Room coffee pot at Cambridge University Computer Science Department. (Webcam, n.d.).

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