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A Card Reader can be an internal or external device. The Card Reader above is an external device that can be connected to the computer via the USB port. The Card Reader below is an internal device, which is the most common form of Card Reader and comes equip with the majority of computers, laptops and printers sold.

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Definition: The PC Magazine Encyclopedia recognizes a Card Reader as a Memory Card Reader and defines it as, "peripheral device that reads and writes a memory card comprised of flash memory chips. First available as external devices for one type of card, readers were subsequently built into the computer to handle all popular formats. Also known as a "memory card reader/writer," "flash memory reader," "memory card drive" and "flash card drive."" (, 1981-2011). For those computers similar to myself the Card Reader is the number of slots on the computer tower that we can insert our JumpJacks, Flash Drives and Phone/Camera Memory Cards.

Standard Specifications:

  • The Memory Card Readers are used to read and transfer data from a Memory Card, (ex. camera memory card), to the computer. The user must be sure that the Memory Card is installed in the computer's software in order for the computer to recognize and interpret the data from the Memory Card. When I bought my Camera, before I could transfer my pictures from my Memory Card to my laptop, I had to use the CD that came with the Camera in order to download the software necessary for the computer to recognize my Camera's Memory Card. After the installation of the software I could then transfer my pictures to my laptop and post from on Facebook!

    • The Single Card Readers are simply that, card readers that are only capable of reading one carda and they usually come with a simple USB connector without a cable.

    • The Multi Card Readers can read from two to nine cards and because of this the Reader is too bulky to be have strictly a USB connector, thus the Multi Card Readers require a cable to be connected to the computer. The different card readers may vary in format, (ex. XD Card Reader, SD Card Readers, T-F Card Readers, etc.).

    • The Series Card Readers are similar to the multi-card readers but the card readers are the same format.

  • Card Readers can also be categorized by purpose. The Card Readers listed above fall under the purpose of Memory Card Readers. Some Card Readers out there are used for reading Business Cards, for example, at the RDC the printers have Business Card Readers that Read the Student ID Cards.

Function: The Card Reader has a very simple function and that is to transfer the information from the inserted Memory or Business Cards to the computer or device the Card Reader is connected to. For example, my Camera's memory card is a SD Memory Card, so if I wanted to transfer my pictures and videos from my camera to my computer I would insert my SD memory card into the SD Card Reader on my computer. The SD Card Reader would then transfer all the data from the memory card onto the computer, which would allow me to acces those pictures and videos and edit them, post them on Facebook or just back them up and organize them on the computer memory.

How it Affects the End User: Like I stated above the Card Readers allow the computer user to transfer external data and information from memory cards (phone, other computers, cameras, etc.) on to the computer or other devices with Card Readers.

The video below is a demonstration about installing a USB Card Reader into a computer tower.

Fun Fact!: The transfer rate of an SD Memory Card Reader is 6 times faster than a CD Rom Drive. (SD Memory Card Reader, 2010-2011).

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